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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

30cc is up, and the 10cc got her legs back.

I finished up the repairs on the 10cc and she's as good as new with her main gear back in place. I put a 13x8 prop on, instead of the 14x8. I wonder if it will improve her vertical climb if she gets more RPMs. I doubt it, but until I can get a 14x6 its what I have.

I also took apart the carb on the 30cc. I found that the metering valve gasket, the one with the metal wheel hanging in the middle, was upside down and the metal wheel was on the air side, not the needle side where it pushes the needle valve. It was upside down but worked for months. Huh. Not sure it was the problem because it was working, but I flipped it and cleaned the carb. I didn't find anything stuck, but she started right up when I put her back together, so I fixed something. I ran her to dry tank so she can stay unclogged.

I noticed that the tail wheel on the 30cc has taken a beating with the crappy clumpy grass, and was getting loose in its bracket. The bracket is carbon fiber and its delaminated at the hole where the wheel strut comes through. I just ordered a replacement from Hobby King.

I don't expect to be able to fly for the rest of the week, so, Happy Holidays!

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