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Thursday, July 2, 2015

I. Can't. Even.

UPDATE (7/3/15 @ 0930hrs): Ok.. I was so pissed yesterday. The words that came to mind were pretty ugly. This is my Skyline 70 SBach. I had flown her, she flew pretty well actually (never really enjoy flying SBachs, except my 30cc) and landed fine. New battery, took her up, toodled around and made an approach. It was long, so I went around, 20 deg flaps. Stayed inside the field (surrounded by trees). On the downwind at about 20', crossed the sun and she didn't come out. I noticed I wasn't controlling her, cried out, "Oh, no!" (point being there was time...), thinking she was stalling I applied power slowly but deliberately, and she drilled in hard. She is literally tooth picks.

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  1. Oh no Ken... I feel your pain there. She was such a lovely looking plane as well :-(