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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dead Plane Flying

Yesterday I had a moment of calm wx and decided to try the A-10 jet and the Sopwith.

The A-10 was hand launched, which I hate doing. The first attempt nosed in right away. The second took to the sky but was twitchy! She seems a bit tail heavy one moment and nose heavy the next. I trimmed her out and she settled down. Belly landed in the thick grass. She flew nicely and will be a frequent flier. I set her DR and Expos to softer numbers for next time.

Now the Sopwith has always been a dead.plane flying, and she met her doom. She took off, at about 5ft veered hard left into a 180 deg turn and spiraled to her death. My new phone camera and I couldn't get along so I didn't get pics until this morning. Sadly I am not sad.

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  1. Its always sad to see a model thats been crashed though :-(

    I used to have a lovely scale model of the SE5a, but I was almost scared to fly it as I put so much work into it.