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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Align Trex 600e Rebuild Progress Report


The tail assembly, from the power take-off assembly on the left to the tail rotor assembly on the right. The torque tube and those two bearings with their housings are inside the tube. I like this arrangement as it is easy to remove the entire assembly from the frame to make repairs.


Tail assembly installed into the massive frame. This thing is well over a meter long, I think.


The other side.

Main gear/auto-rotation gear and the reciever battery pack, main shaft and the entire CCPM assembly installed. It took some time to adjust the control rods, since I had to replace two and wanted to get somewhere close to zero pitch. All the servos are functioning and the swash was essentially still flat.


Blades on. tough to balance since I don't have a balancer bit enough (will get one). These more expensive blades are always balanced, but I still like to check. All that is left is to check zero pitch and make sure the CCPM a pitches are still good, and to balance and install the tail blades. I will first remove the blades after setting up the CCPM to make sure everything spins clean without vibration.

This was a lot of expense and time, all for missing a loose elevator control ball snap.

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