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Monday, December 19, 2016

Big Stick Forward Wing Hardpoint Failure

It was frosty, 26 degrees, zero to 8 mph winds, but sunny. The snow was frozen on top but I thought I would still get out with the 10cc Stick on skis. I installed the large Du-Bro skis up front and a single Du-Bro park flier ski in back. Easy install, work fine. And slippery...

But the repaired forward wing hard point failed, fortunately on the ground. I need to come up with a way to firmly attach something to the wing to act as the cantilevered forward attachment to the fuse.

Hung the camera from my neck strap.

So disappointed that after getting my gear out to the field to not get to fly. At least this came off before lift off. That would have ended poorly. Trying to think of ways to fix this problem. I don't have much space under the wing, none in fact forward, as the fuel tank is right there. This limits bringing a long piece back aft for better leverage.

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