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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pulse Preps

In hopes of breaking my flying hiatus tomorrow I cleaned up and setup my Hangar 9 Pulse 25XT. The cote had pulled a bit from previous tune ups, so I replaced some of it. I bought some Monokote at my LHS yesterday, but the yellow turned out to be transparent... happens to me a lot. So I used some Cubby Yellow I had brought with me. Redid the horizontal stab, and the underside of the left wing. Not too smooth a job... I ain't much for cote work, but she'll do!
Also recharging 4S batteries, and will later setup the flybarred 450 heli!
Okay, other than the color mismatch, it actually looks pretty good. The curve came out nice. I replaced the cote on the entire outboard edge as you can see, including the elevator.
Cote removed from the underside of the left wing.
White cote replaced, and first black stripe set in place.
All done. The outsermost stripe is a bit rough, I tuned it up better after the pic and it looks much smoother and tight. Finished up a couple minor cote touch ups on the fuse and now she is flight ready!
Tomorrow Kenny Chandler and I are planning to meet up at MCRCC Field in Gulfport and break my dry spell!

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