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Monday, March 18, 2013

New Flight Modes

Recently read a thread on Helifreak that discussed flight modes, and I decided to make some changes. RDLohr suggested setting Normal as a start up mode.
My previous Normal mode had a throttle curve that went zero to 50% then 75 and 100%. The Normal pitch curve was 40% to 50% (zero pitch) then 75% to 100%.
I had only one Flight mode. Throttle curve was 100%-90%-100%, and the Pitch curve was linear 0% (max neg) - 50% (zero pitch) - 100% (max pos).
Here are the new curves programmed on my Spektrum DX8:
Normal Mode "Start Up" Pitch Curve: A slight neg pitch, around -4 to zero pitch.
Allows the heli to come up to speed without any pitch.
Normal mode throttle curve. brings the heli up to 90% throttle at zero pitch.
Allows a nice transition to Flight mode, no sudden jump in headspeed when
switching into Flight mode,
Flight mode 1 limits the pitch to around -10 to +10 degrees.
Flight mode 1 Throttle curve. Some like a straight 100% curve. I have done that...The idea is that when there is no pitch the throttle is down 10% to keep the headspeed more constant, That's the thought anyway,
Flight mode 2 Pitch curve: Full -12 to +12 degrees.
Same throttle curve for both flight modes.
Practiced these curves on the Phoenix Flight Sim and it works well. I also like that it allows me to bring the headspeed up to full without any pitch. I did this primarily for the smoother transition from Normal to Flight modes.

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