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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Welcome to Wingmasters, Dayton, Ohio!

Well, I am settling into my apartment and my new job, and today made a trip out to Wergerzyn Gardens and the Dayton Wingmasters field. It was cloudy and a tad drafty, no one was there and the gate was locked. I marked it on my GPS, and called The Hobby Shop, which is an application center for the club, and learned I could drop by, pay my fee, show my AMA license, and receive a key to the gate. Another key, given apparently only by the club, is required to access the electric power station. So, I am charging my batteries and fixing the badly damaged Ultimate, with a plan to visit the field tomorrow and fly the Ultimate, the Pulse and a heli, weather permitting.
What I could see of the field was impressive. The grass is green and cut, the strip is dark and lined with white paint, and the building structures are clean and well kept. I don't recall seeing a closed in walled structure, but that's okay. I am not sure if there are bathrooms either.
I am really looking forward to flying tomorrow! Its been a couple of weeks, so I will take it easy. I am most nervous about bending a heli... but I really want to take one up. I hope to meet someone there!

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